Nitrogen oxides dangerously degrade human’s respiratory and are partly responsible of acid rains, increase ozone and smog.

Based on SCR technology, the SEV-NOX is an active system using the injection of a reducing agent (ammonia or urea) to produce nitrogen and water.
It is the most widely used technique for the treatment of emissions of nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) contained in the exhaust gas.

Before the gases pass into the honeycomb catalyst, an urea injection calibrated and programmed is carried into the gas stream.
Managed by an electronic control unit, homogeneous diffusion of additive is ensured through specific injection pipe positioned before the catalytic reactor.
The trigger process is based on information provided by 2 sondes positioned upstream and downstream of the catalyst.
The reduction of nitrogen oxides is then carried to the surface of the walls of the catalyst and transformation is effective in water and nitrogen.

For maximum efficiency, the gas temperature must be between 280° and 500 °C.
The abatement rate can be as high as 95 %.

SCR/DeNOx or Washer with activated coil?

SCR technology has many advantages compared to older facilities fitted with Washers:

  1. No discharge of waste to treat => no extra cost
  2. Low back pressure => better performance
  3. Smaller dimensions => easier implementation
  4. Fully recyclable
  5. High efficiency > 90%